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Posted on January 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Understand and Ranking pages -Knowledge Graph

Google does not search the web every time you search, it instead searches its own model of the internet 'Knowledge Graph' this holds information on all the web pages . It includes

  1. What the page is about for local business pages this includes the services, and location serviced. Learn More
  2. A ranking of the page, based on the
    • Quality of the content (using its own rules)Learn More
    • How the rest of the web ranks the content using the links to/from the page.
    • Locial media ranking based on likes/share and business profiles such as Google my business, facebook.
    • Past user experience of the content ie do people read the content or do they come straight out of the page, do they select the page when it is shown or the search page.

Searching, Returning the SERP

When you key in a search term, Google searches the 'Knowledge graph' and return a page of web pages, ads and additional information (know as SERP, Search Engine Result Page). Google now tries to understand the true intent behind a search request. (using software called 'rankbrian'). For example, a search on a business service will rank local business first. A factual question will result in google attempting to directly answer the question first then given web pages. A product search will return images from on-line suppliers.

  1. Remove spelling mistakes
  2. Generalize the terms used, so for example lawn cutting, grass cutting and Gardner are treated as the same. (so black hat tricks such as optimize pages for miss peeling an gobs term does not work these days)
  3. Understand if the intent behind the question are they requesting a local service, factual information for example a receipt.
  4. Access the user's personal information, where are, their past browsing history and search terms.
  5. Search the known graph and paid for ads pages.
  6. Format the SERP based on the searcher intent. For example
    • If they asked about a well-known brands (or direct name a local firm how has a google my business entry) it will add a knowledge box on the brand, and so an expand view of the brands web page.
    • If they asked for a local service show a 'local pack' showing the top 3 local pages with a map

The next article examines SEO or how you can write content that Google and your audience will like. Next SEO how to rank content

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Ranking on google first page is the most important factor in digital marketing, The days of cheap black hat tricks to rank pages is dead, Today it is about quality and authority. Understanding how Google works is the first step to a successful local business digital presence.

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