Using Social Media

Coming in April 2021

Article Summary

Everyone knowns that social media will lead to increase sales and traffic to your website, but it needs effort and you only have limited time so wots the best use of you time on social media. Start with understanding your audience where to they hang on the web, and then make a plan.

Due April, 2020


Ranking on google first page is the most important factor in digital marketing, The days of cheap black hat tricks to rank pages is dead, Today it is about quality and authority. Understanding how Google works is the first step to a successful local business digital presence. His article will include:-

  • How google understands webpage
  • How google rates pages
  • Write Page that google and your client like

Excerpt How Works

Google does not search the web every time you search, it instead searches its own model of the internet 'Knowledge Graph' this holds information on all the web pages . including page quaility which is based on

  • Using over 200 Rules on page content
  • The sites that reference your site and their quality
  • How the audience rates your content via Social media likes and shares
  • Experience of your audience
    • Do they select your site when it is shown on the Results page
    • How long do they spend on the site
    • What do they do next
The quality of the site: whilst each page is judged the algorithm the quality of the site does add to each page ranking
  • Frequency of content updates
  • The site having a linked Blog
  • Site Structure