New websites for local business, let us do your research.

Ensure you start a new website on strong foundations.

Buidling a New Website, start on a strong foundation?
How strong are you competitors?
What can you learn from your Competitors?
What Social media channels should you use?
What site should you target to link to your content?
DIY website building or 3rd party supplier ?

Ensure you start a new website on strong foundations. This Research document gives you the information and design templates to ensure your website is a success.

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  • Regular articles on Website development
    and maintenance.
  • Case studies by other local business owners.
  • Discounts on Hyperaccess and other suppliers.
  • Reviews on website tools and hosting packages.

Whats Included

  • General Marketplace review:
    We review your online marketplace . to find the keywords to use, the social media channels to be targeted, the trade and local sites to target for back links

  • Competitor Analysis:
    Learn from your competitors what keywords are they targeting, thier links and social media activities, How good are their SEO practices? what you need to beat them.

  • Design Ideas:
    Based on the above and our design experence we

    • Recommanded a site structure including keywords to be used on pages
    • Show a number of web page design ideas
    • Define a social media plan including which channel to target and how often
    • List of sites to link to
    • List of site to target for back links

  • Building Website Package:
    In addition to the full report and telephone culs, We provide a number of downloadable guides and checklist including

    • Guide to webpage design,
    • How to use social media
    • Hints on Writing website content
    • Checklist to be used before plublishing
    • How to audit your site and your competitors using free tools and
    • How to select a website designer or should you DIY

  • Telephone consultancy:
    After we have sent the report, we follow up we a number of telephone reviews to assit you moving forward.


A successful local business website must rank on the first page or in the local pack for your key services. in order to achieve this Google must understand your services and locations and judge your content higher . Before spending time/money on panic changes to your exisiting site, massive social media efforts, it is best to understand your digital marketplace and spend your resources in the right way.

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