FAQ Subheading

No. your position on google search is not only dependent upon your website but also the strength of the competition, which is why when we review your site we compare your competitors to see what you need to do to beat them before starting major work.
First step is a full website review, reviewing not only you website but your competitors, we will review your social media and online business profiles, with this knownledge we can build an action plan to be carried out by ourself or outside sources.
You own the site which will provide as either Stright HTML or wordpress.
We design each website directly with the client and after reviewing the competition and will limit the number of clients in each niche market so you get a site tailored to your needs which will be unique. We also build a social media plan to be carried out by ourself or using our digitl media services.
Based on 30+ year experience of building IT solutions, We understand success is achived by working with the client closely, We do not just cut and paste your details into a template but take the time to understand you and your online business marketplace We follow the 6 pillars approach shown above, which ensures that at an early stage you understand what can be achieved within your budget. Profiles in Google+, twitter, linkedIn, local and trade directories sites will generate increase traffic at a low cost. Are your profiles complete and what do your competitors do.

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